True Life : I Don’t Think I’m Going to Cut My Dreads Off

Messed around and fell in love with dreads. I’m gonna go find a dreaded white girl.


Currently in the Adult phase.

A year and three months, teen phase. Only going so far into the adult phase before I cut them.
Game grumps drama 2K14. The short resume.


After seeing how much the Game grumps tag been full of drama, worries and questions. Under the read more is the full and short story of this drama that everybody is worrying about. Hopefully this will end the fight on the tag and many peoples dashs.

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What I find most characteristic about Arin’s work is that he doesn’t blatantly do things like protest things like homophobia or anti-feminism but rather he writes works that are anti-homophobia or anti-feminism and does impromptu skits that demonstrate the effects of homophobia or anti-feminism. For example, there are countless episodes of Game Grumps that have short segments between him and Jon, Barry, Dan, and Ross that could be seen as a “gay segment”, where they would do something characterized as gay (the first that comes to mind is during the Pokemon Emerald playthrough, I believe, when Jon asks Arin if they’ve ever slept together) and, because both/all participants in the bit understand that it’s a improv/comedy show as well as a gaming show, they often go along with the skit without retconning whatever comments about them being gay may come up months after the episode posts. You can find these in nearly every series they’ve done.

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Getting there.
This is the first time I’ve ever been able to anything with my hair other than “comb it” or “brush it”. I like it.
14 months of dreads.